About Me

When I tell people I am a tax lawyer, I typically receive one of the following reactions:

  • Reaction #1: Lawyer joke (I have heard them all)
  • Reaction #2: So, I have this problem… I have not filed my taxes in the last couple of years because I was trying to launch my new business venture…
  • Reaction #3: What does it mean to be a tax lawyer?

Reaction #3 has forced me to do some thinking about what it means to be a tax lawyer, and why I love what I do.

I am a problem solver. My passion is to help people navigate their way through problems that seem insurmountable. This includes helping business owners structure their affairs to ensure compliance with relevant tax laws, and providing support for entrepreneurs who are looking to establish and implement a strategic plan for their business goals.

I also work with families who are struggling with how to transition wealth to the next generation and I believe in collaboration with the full advisory team (i.e., accountant, financial advisor, insurance specialist, and lawyer) to identify solutions.

I act on behalf of taxpayers in their communications with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), up to and including appeals to the Tax Court of Canada. Not only do I take the lead in responding and negotiating with CRA representatives, but I also work with the taxpayer to put in place systems to ensure they have a clear understanding of the relevant tax laws to set them up for success in the future.

I provide consulting services to other advisors who are seeking advice on behalf of their clients. Tax can be complex and there is value in having the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm potential options for a client problem.

Lastly, I enjoy writing and connecting with others across the country about tax and estate planning issues.

For a full list of my educational qualifications, written work, and selected speaking engagements, please visit my firm website at https://www.shtb-law.com/lawyers/amanda-s-a-doucette-tep/, or connect with me on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-doucette-tep-83a9ab51/).

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